JET Tools FAQs


Where can I find warranty information?

Warranty information can be found in your product manual. If you did not receive a manual or need a replacement, please visit our Manuals page to download an electronic version. If you still have additional questions, please contact Customer Relations

Please visit our Warranty page for additional overall details on JET Tools' Warranty program.


Where can I get a catalog?

Download any of our catalogs directly through the Catalogs page. Hard copies of catalogs can be ordered either directly through JET Tools by contacting Customer Relations or your local distributor.


Where can I get a product manual?

Manuals can be downloaded from the Manuals page or from the individual products pages.


Where do I go to get my product repaired?

To obtain repair service on your product visit our Authorized Service Center page to use our ASC locator to find an authorized repair center nearest you.


Who do I contact for technical support?

Visit our Contact Us page to fill out a form to be submitted directly to our Customer Service team.


How can I return a product?

All products must be returned to the distributor where the item was purchased. If a distributor has moved or closed, contact Customer Relations for assistance.


How can I purchase products from outside the USA?

For international contact information, visit our Contact Us page.


How can I register my product?

To register your product, please complete and submit our Product Registration form. If you have questions or encounter any issues while registering your product, please contact Customer Relations for assistance.


Where can I see pricing for products and replacement parts?

Pricing for products and replacement parts can be viewed on our site by visiting the Parts Store page or by clicking on any of the individual product pages.


Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Replacement parts can be purchased directly from JET Tools via our website on the Parts Store page or by contacting Customer Relations. Replacement parts can also be purchased through distributors. Make sure to call ahead for availability. Not all distributors carry all products and product parts.


For any other issues, please visit our Contact page to contact JPW Customer Relations directly.