JWBS-14CS Body Assembly

Stock Number
Index NumberPart NumberDescriptionSizeQty
1150100AWUpper Arm Frame 1
2150037WTable 1
3100038Table Pin 1
4708719Guide Block 4
5150005AUpper Support Bracket Post 1
6150006ASupport Bracket 2
7150007AGuide Post 1
8TS-1490021Hex Cap ScrewM8x162
9WF083030Flat WasherM81
10150010ANut 4
12TS-1482031Hex Cap ScrewM6x161
13150013AThumb ScrewM6x163
14150014AThumb ScrewM6x125
15150015AUpper Spacing Sleeve 2
16BB-6200ZZBall Bearing 2
17990908Pan Head Screw*M6x82
18100002AUpper Wheel Blade Guard 1
19TS-148201Hex Cap ScrewM6X102
21990651Lock KnobM10x301
22199037Table Insert 1
23992311Spring Pin 1
25TS-1482041Phillips Pan Head Machine ScrewM6x202
26150024Catch Knob 2
27TS-1551061Lock Washer*M82(2)*
28150028WInner Wheel Cover 1
29155029WOuter Wheel Cover 1
30100031Pin 4
31990180Hex Head BoltM16x551
33TS-1540101Hex NutM161
34100188Base 1
35110045Trunnion Support Bracket 1
36100042Trunnion 2
37100051Scale 1
38100041Trunnion Clamp Shoe 2
39TS-1491081Hex Cap ScrewM10x502
40TS-1482021Hex Cap ScrewM6x126
41110049Pointer 1
42990821Pan Head ScrewM5x65
43TS-1490151Hex Cap Screw*M8x801
44TS-1540061Hex Nut*M81
45TS-1490051Hex Cap Screw*M8X302
46990554Lock Knob 2
47TS-152303Set ScrewM6x101
48100063Belt Pulley 1
49992547Retaining Ring 1
50110065Lower Wheel Shaft 1
52BB-6204RSBall Bearing6204RS2
53990293Hex Head Bolt (Left Thread)M8x251
54150054Hex Head Bolt 2
55150055Lower Support Bracket Post 1
56150056Switch Backing Plate 1
57523028Switch Box 1
58994542Switch 1
59995001Power Cord (Switch To Motor) 1
60995002Power Cord (Switch To Power Source) 1
61990814Self Tapping ScrewM3.5x192
62TS-1550021Flat WasherM42
63TS-1533042Phillips Pan Head Machine ScrewM5x126
64523024Wire Clip 1
65TS-1533032Phillips Pan Head Machine ScrewM5x104
66150066Stud 2
67150902Lower Hinge 1
69150069NLower Wheel Guard 1
70198672Lower Wheel 1
71100025AWheel Protector 2
72198242Upper Wheel 1
73992522Retaining RingR352
74BB-6202ZZBall Bearing6202ZZ2
75TS-1540083Hex NutM121
76 Saw Blade (Local Purchase) 1
77990804Self Tapping ScrewM4x816
78150901Upper Hinge 1
79150079Catch 2
80150080Clip 2
81150081Bracket 2
82110070Blade Guard 1
83990811Self Tapping ScrewM3.5x122
 100016ACP-1Sliding Bracket Assy (includes items 84 thru 93, and 104) 1
84100016A-1Sliding Bracket 1
85100019Shaft Hinge 1
86150086Upper Wheel Shaft 1
87100021Steel Pin 2
88992314Spring Pin 1
89100015ACoil Spring 1
90150090Square Nut 1
91990652Lock Knob 1
92NW080000Wing NutM81
93990653Blade Adjusting Screw 1
95TS-1490071Hex Cap Screw*M8x404
96TS-1550061Flat Washer*M84
97150097Washer 2
98994181Steel Ball 1
99150099Spring 1
100TS-1525011Socket Set ScrewM10x101
101150101Lower Wheel Blade Guard 1
102WE050000Gear WasherM52
103998654Strain Relief 2
104100018Indicator 1
105WI080000Gear WasherM82
 JWBS14-HKHardware Kit (not shown) 1
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Stock Number708115K-1
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